Im Bored .. And Drinking Gives Me Something To Do.

drinking out of boredom

In fact, alcohol sales outside of bars and restaurants surged 24% shortly after stay-at-home orders began. However, feeling bored without alcohol isn’t actually a bad thing. And the sickness and tiredness you feel after the initial high of alcohol consumption wears off is neither fun nor interesting. So drinking because you’re bored isn’t doing much for you in the long run. Instead, you should find ways to cope with your boredom that keep you productively occupied and are more fulfilling. If you’ve found yourself noticing, “It seems that I drink because I’m bored and lonely,” the answer lies in our brain’s reward system.

drinking out of boredom

Pretty soon, the anticipation starts to happen more frequently. This kind of patterned behavior can lead you down a path toward alcohol addiction. Ignoring the harmful effects of alcohol consumption and regularly indulging can have short-term and long-term effects on your health.

Acute anxiety and depression from the withdrawal process can ease within a few days to a week. But for many people, lingering feelings of anxiety, depression, and general malaise can last weeks, months, or even longer. When serotonin and dopamine levels are low, we become less motivated and less interested in our surroundings.

Addiction Treatment Programs

Cures for boredom are readily available, all one must do is get a shortlist of things that one might be able to do instead of drinking to replace it. Again, many people that drink to cure boredom report that they don’t want to drink, don’t like the effects or the taste. The only reason is that it “does the job” of keeping their boredom at bay, so they partake.

Volunteering and participating in community events can help you stay engaged, build meaningful connections, and reduce boredom drinking. By volunteering at organizations that help people struggling with addiction, you can provide a meaningful sense of purpose and fulfillment, which can replace the fleeting pleasure of boredom drinking. Physical exercise and outdoor activities offer a great way to stay active, have fun, and improve your mental health.

There are easy cures for boredom, there are hard cures for substance abuse and addiction. You’re not alone in this journey – we are here to support you every step of the way. Take back control of your life and start on the road to recovery now. An estimated 15 million people throughout the U.S. struggle with alcohol use disorder, but only 10% receive treatment. Alcoholism profoundly affects the entire body, especially the brain, heart, pancreas, mouth, liver, and the immune system.

  1. You can use this knowledge to create a personalized plan for overcoming boredom drinking and maintaining a sober lifestyle.
  2. If you have someone you trust, let them know if you are feeling down or lonely – so they know you won’t mind if they check in with you more often.
  3. Our admissions team is available 24/7 to listen to your story and help you get started with the next steps.
  4. Cures for boredom are readily available, all one must do is get a shortlist of things that one might be able to do instead of drinking to replace it.

Engaging in physical exercise and outdoor activities can boost your mental wellbeing and help you resist the urge to drink out of boredom. Some fun and exciting examples of physical exercise and outdoor activities include kayaking or fishing, 11 natural remedies for erectile dysfunction ed camping, spin class, yoga, Pilates, CrossFit, Zumba, Bootcamp, and Class Pass. Connecting with a support group can also help you build meaningful relationships with people who understand and can support you in your recovery journey.

#1 Remove Alcohol and Substances From Your Home

The horrible irony to all of this is that alcohol amplifies loneliness. Once you have really looked at your habits, consider alternative solutions. If you like gin and tonic 5 types of alcoholics characteristics of each alcoholic type when you’re vegging on the sofa, swap it for fizzy water with lemon. If you know your willpower weakens after 9 pm, get up before then and go and have a warm shower instead.

Most people drink to fill some sort of void, like boredom, loneliness, an unhappy relationship, job-related stress or anxiety. When the alcohol wears off, your problems will still be there, and you’ll likely reach out for more alcohol to escape them again. Over time, with regular alcohol consumption, our brain starts to adapt.

drinking out of boredom

Boredom and stress are two emotions that can feel as if they are never going to leave. Valuing and prioritizing yourself in recovery can an alcoholic ever drink again can be a powerful way to remove the hold alcohol has on you. Always have a list of people that support your recovery available.

Practicing Mindfulness and Stress Management Techniques

Also know what you are going to drink and select from alcohol alternatives. Bars are more frequently providing alcohol-free beverages to help encourage safe drinking habits and reduce risks of accidents caused by driving while intoxicated. Always have a backup soft drink just in case you reach the bar and they are out of stock. Sitting in traffic, for instance, is one of those things that most people would rather forego. Other tasks like laundry and cleaning the house can cause boredom and be a source of anxiety.

What Is A Functioning Alcoholic? (Do They Even Exist?)

Reframe supports you in reducing alcohol consumption and enhancing your well-being. Boredom, a state we’ve all experienced, can be a tricky beast. But remember that, scientifically, boredom is an emotion — just like appiness or sadness. It typically occurs when we find ourselves disengaged from what’s going on around us or when there’s a lack of interest or enjoyment in our activities.

#5 Stay Physically Active

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